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The Ten Commandments to Run or Start an IT Services company

  1. Have a programming co-founder
    1. Either you or your confounder should and must be a programmer. It is you who set the right process, environment, stack and define the QA all through the deliverables.
    2. QA should be the primary responsibility of one of the CXOs. Your deliverables speak and do the sales on your behalf. Respect it!
    3. What if not
      1. You should be hiring an experienced team member who should be the part of the initial team for the long run.
      2. ESOPs should be promised. That is the first step you take to build TRUST.
  2. Start with the sales team
    1. Make the first step with Sales. Either the Co-founder or onboard experienced folks.
    2. There is no company in the history rose to fortunes without SALES team. You may get one or two clients at the start. To keep the momentum build the sales team before you raise your first invoice.
    3. If co-founder doesn't code get into sales at least.
    4. Sales team first; Coders next; Project Manager the next; HR team the last; Respect all.
    5. No client works with you forever. If so, you are fortunate. The sales team can help you otherwise.
    6. What if not
      1. Set aside  working capital for a year
  3. Set aside Running Capital [ Working Capital ]
    1. Set aside working capital of at least 3-month expenses - includes salaries and monthly billings.
    2. Not all clients pay you on time or the advance.
    3. Most of the clients/ companies make you wait at least 30 - 60 days after raising the invoice. It doesn’t stop there - you may need to persuade post that at times. This all depends on how financially-healthy is the client.
    4. Last mile jerk- you may be penalized if not delivered on time or with errors.
    5. What if not
      1. Get into Monthly billing with invoice raised before you start working OR
      2. Do not start. Get employed.
  4. Process it immediately
    1. Delivering is not a PRIORITY. Delivering with/in a process is right.
    2. Learn yourself and teams to follow the process.
    3. Get the constitution for your company with roles/ responsibilities/ vision/ objective and keep amending. It may start with just a 10 line guide too.
    4. The process ensures an easy flow of operations and execution.
    5. The process makes you grow fast.
    6. The organization will never be PEOPLE-CENTRIC or one man army. If so employees leave before you realize. Process driven organization lives long.
    7. What if not
      1. Do not plan to Grow.
  5. Sales Pitch & Co
    1. Get the website up immediately.
    2. Get the Email templates for pitching or sales; be ready with reply templates.
    3. Something is better than Nothing. These write-ups will be an immediate source for a quick introduction.
      1. You never know when your door gets knocked. Be prepared.
    4. Write-ups/ Sales pitch with the services and clients get matured over a period of time.
    5. What if not
      1. Get ready to pitch or introduce yourselves on the fly
      2. Get ready to burn heavy cash with an agency
  6. Minimalistic
    1. Do not spend or invest in infrastructure.
    2. Never buy. Get it rented or adjust until you are affordable.
    3. Invest only on your team rather than infra. Hiring the right team solves multiple problems.
    4. Grand entrance or top rated chairs are of no use until you have the right team. Invest on how to deliver quickly and with quality.
    5. What if not
      1. Double or triple your working capital
  7. One Team One Vision
    1. There can be no two MASTERS.
    2. Get a proper hierarchy and distribute responsibilities.
    3. Inject the objective and vision of why you do exist.
    4. Regular Team activities.
    5. What if not
      1. Unmanageable Employee retention
      2. Gossips rule.
  8. Customer First
    1. Customer First. Period.
    2. What if not
      1. You shall be the second choice to your customers, one day.
  9. Transparency and Moral
    1. Transparent Operations. By a process, this can be achieved, but to be guarded with timely feedbacks.
    2. High morals and ethics. Never cross the line.
    3. What if not
      1. Favoritism and Gossips breed.
      2. Loses Team Spirit
  10. Get inspired. Add Mentor.Network.
    1. Network lot
    2. Add Mentor
    3. Get inspired. Keep hope.
    4. What if not
      1. As Motors need lubrication Entrepreneurs need Motivation. Else lot of wear and tear
      2. No conflict resolution.

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