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Tons of thanks to Shyam Nadig, who patiently saw all our POCs

2017 December
Four Kites Inc

Sale closed in just one day. Its all because of mouth publicity we got via Tivo.

2017 June

Web Scraping and Process Automation. Happy to wo rk with Hareesh Ravuri. Soft Spoken shrewd manager.

2017 April
Caavo Inc

Nice product and Team to watch for.

2017 March

Bagged solely by the Internally built sales pipeline. Vasudevan Seshadri and Abhishek Yadav: Nice people I met on calls.


Started with Web Application. Met awesome people- Ramesh Srinivas, Uday Manginapudi, Sivarama Krishnan and Kanishk. Awesome team, product and execution to watch for.


Led the team with Web Crawling and Automation resources.

The Little Gym

Rebuilt the complete process & operations application for India & SEA Franchise.

2014 February
Headrun Technologies Pvt Ltd

Joined as a Delivery Manager but moved to COO.
Started with managing Veveo [ Later Rovi, now Tivo ] account

2013 December

Joined Buzzinga team. Karthik and myself started to drive the product sales.

Bankrupt at Idntyti

On the verge of Shutting Down.


One of the big projects at Idntyti in those times.

University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore

Process Automation for their Inventory. MUltiple POCs, tons of discussions, revisiting quotes and then many presentations before the core committe. Vexed with process and promised myself not to undertake any Govt. project. Very well groomed personalities at UAS but proess kills the efforts.

BBMP Elections - SMS Application

Built SMS application that helps INC for their BBMP election campaign.Those were ealy days campaigning via SMS. Of all options, finalized Airtel and SMS Country but opted the latter for the SMS Gateway.

2008 August
Indian Capitals

Indian Capitals, built on web scraping multiple news sources was shutdown. A marketing and promotional failure. For bread & butter closed product building and started IT Services.

2007 August
Idntyti Software and Marketing Solutions Pvt Ltd

The name itself speaks how amature my startup thoughts were. Being a fresh graduate and jottling between Electrical and IT Startup Ideas-finally zeroed in IT because of its low invesment.

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