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The minimalist design approach for this blog

| 2018 August 20 | Entrepreneurship |

You might have observed my blog site being completely revamped. Yes, earlier that was a WordPress 2018 template. Want to have a minimalist approach - design, and content. This helps to stay focussed and purpose served.

I have a great interest in designing and developing. Program it from scratch without any frameworks. The same enthusiasm is one more reason to quit WordPress. Wordpress is great. No doubt. But of choice want to move to a simple way of building and maintaining the blog.

Whatever is needed I did code. The same evolves. Maybe one day it becomes as heavy as Wordpress with all similar components or features integrated. Be, it. But the process keeps me involved trying out new technological breakthroughs. At the same time my programming skills keep matured.

My time gets lost with sales, building teams and refining the operations. Being in the IT Services industry I want to consciously keep trying new processes and releases tools, programming and overall the industry breakthroughs.

To help the users, decided to remove travel related stuff here. Yeah, am interested in traveling and do a lot. My traveling experiences may distract the users and me too. Hence instead of 'Travel', adding Technology and IT services along with Entrepreneurship.

“Personal Blog: Thoughts & Opinions on Entrepreneurship | Travel” becomes
“Personal Blog: Thoughts & Opinions on Entrepreneurship | Technology | IT Services ”

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