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IT Services from AP’s new capital- Amaravati

2018 June 03 | Amaravati | AP | Headrun | IT Services | Vijayawada |

IT Services in AP New Capital - Amaravati ( Vijayawada ) Headrun

Last week we inaugurated our new office at Andhra Pradesh new capital in making – Amaravati [ Vijayawada ]. In the centre of Vijayawada we are happy to start operations from June 1st.

Though Vijayawada is one of the major towns in the undivided Andhra Pradesh yet it lacked the city or the metro wave. It was shadowed under the then capital Hyderabad. Post the new state formation CM Chandra Babu Naidu initiated multiple policies to make it a world class capital city. Yes, it takes its own time to be one. The question is ‘Is the city ready to accommodate IT Companies ?’ You may call us we are early to be there or with multiple other questions… read on.

Before our Amaravati branch, we did have experience in running rural development centres. Except few companies in BPO/ ITES sectors we too haven’t heard any that offers software development services from remote/ rural areas. Myself and Karthik were made up to try it out. Today, the rural areas and the towns do have a similar internet connectivity equal to or a little lesser to cities like Hyderabad & Bangalore. And AP has engineering colleges in every town to cater the IT requirements. We opened our development centre at Chirala in 2015. Done campus hiring at the surrounding colleges – Bapatla Engineering college, IIIT Nuzuvid, VRS & YRN, Chirala Engineering college and St.Anns’s to name a few.

Am writing this after running the branch at Chirala for 3 successful years. We never had any hurdles that impacted the deliverables. Both Bangalore and Chirala development services together we reached 80 member strong team. Chirala team consists 80percent of Python Developers who made a historical point running IT Delivery centres from Rural. [ I’ll be writing in detail running in rural centres in another blog. ]

In many ways, Vijayawada has better infrastructure compared to Chirala. There is nothing to hold back. Its only that we need to start somewhere and the ecosystem shall pick up at its own pace. And, we started too…

We are happy to be part of the new capital city and one of the foremost IT companies running here in full set up. Same services – Web Crawling, Web Development and Process Automation will be part of our new branch.

Entrepreneurship is awesome with new challenges and solutions. Vision and Objective remains the same, only the operations matter.

Wish, we shall be one you count in the new capital city in the coming days.

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