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Not just Schools and Colleges but at workstations as well we do have great teachers around.

2018 September 5 | Teachers | Leaders | StartUps |

Yes, not just schools but at every phase, we have great teachers. It's good to keep remembering them and their goodness & capabilities that spread an aura of leadership in the teams delivering great.

At Headrun, there are many that keep me inspired and keep moving. Everyone brings his/her own personal charisma to the workstation contributing at every phase of one's project. I personally feel that without them we wouldn’t have come so far. Amongst these personalities sharing few personas who have always spread their greatness. Great people just do not spread goodness but make you and the whole team great.

Samuel Jaideep Bethala

A mid-twenties lad who ran our first rural center at Headrun. It is in one of the tier-3 cities of Andhra Pradesh with a twenty member team that we started back in 2015. The training he gave or the processes he laid down and followed are truly remarkable. Being stoic and a proponent of continuous professional development motivates new joiners and sparks curiosity to learn new things.

The way he mingles with his managers is something which particularly caught my attention. This made him also build a perfect bridge between the management and the new-hires of the new center.

Punctuality, integrity and his willingness to dream big are among the other traits that keep me inspired.

Rishi Mazumdar

A Project Manager who has a sweet tooth and always socially inclined at the workstation brings a lot of institutional practice in People and Project Management. A great company to hang around and debate on everything under the sky. His interests in mathematics and past experience as a college lecturer helps to be quick with sales funda. A big excel and powerpoint guy who is always handy not just for me but for the whole organization. I wish I master both of them one day.

At startups having a corporate guy is always a plus. His huge past experience with Dell like corporates and NGOs shows us the other side of the coin too.

Rishi being an avid reader keeps me motivated to keep reading new titles and articles. Both being 80’s kids we share a lot of memories and bring back the childhood tv series and games.

Sindu Kovi

An ardent techy in the team that keeps me inspired to be a follower. She is a champion of every Team Lead. For me, it is difficult to follow anyone. At times am completely amazed the way she believes her TL and delivers the tasks by just following the shared plan/ workflow.

Keeping the mess aside, solving task by task makes her high performing developer. I have heard that at times ‘Leaders should also be good followers’. She truly depicts the same. And unknowingly taught me the same.

Karthik Bala

Here is a teacher of a different kind. At times, we debate, fight, reason and completely get into mess., however, remember after every session of such we deliberately end with an ACTION item. This is what I learned from him. The purpose served.

Usually, it is observed that in all such sessions, nothing is decided and normally people end up doing multiple discussions which are again a wastage of time. When you are discussing/ debating one should remember the end goal too and this is what one can learn from him.

Ramya Darabadi

What keeps me motivated the whole day at work or outside the home? Guess. Yes, what happens at home is something that keeps me motivated and It would be unfair If I do not mention my teacher at home.

Yes, it’s my partner who has a lot of patience, simplicity and an easygoing person - perfect. keeping cool isn’t that easy and it is her persona that keeps me going. Moving all domestic affairs out of my mind is something that helps me stay focused, learn, and grow. Post these accomplishments, delivering tasks at the workstation on time is something great.

Garima Shukla

An awesome HR.

When you are unable to make decisions, share the data but never conclude as it may go wrong. This is something which I learned from her. Being an HR at startup is a tough job. Being less process oriented organization and tons of problems to solve daily utterly throws you in a confused world. At this junction quick decision making is important to pass any. At this junction connecting the dots is important and should be the primary task which she excels.

Tejesh Papana Babu

A silent hero at work. Seeing him work or handle his team reminds me of the Hare and Turtle story. Yes, slow and steady wins the race. With no exaggeration or unwanted hurriedness, he runs the project and team in the best way without compromising on deadlines or quality. Such a great cool leader he is.

More than himself, his work speaks a lot. Having a ‘Right attitude’ is what he teaches me.

Not every individual is perfect. But he/she has some traits which we admire. Such traits that keep me motivated and inspired are my TEACHERS. These are few, just to name. There are hundreds to write; will keep the journey on.

Round the clock we meet, hang out, talk, debate, work, travel, eat and share experiences with many. Everyone is a teacher. Respects to all such humble individuals that I met and keep meeting.

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