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Fourkites, ClearTrip and to KPMG, for now

2018 is so far good!

Confidence boosted after we bagged Sapient but…

Though we had the best in the last two years 2016 & 17, yet always felt we aren’t going anywhere. It can be our team size or the turnover. I used to wonder where did we lag or to put it in the other way ‘where to start again’. ‘Restart’ is the only mantra I ever learned whenever we do not have any spikes in the growth graph.

Headrun being completely bootstrapped enterprise, it is always tough for us to experiment allocating a definitive budget for sales. Hence Myself, Karthik and Rishi used to drive the sales along with the regular project deliverables. We did try to manage petty clients but if we want to stand tall in the market, we should sell services to Big guys.

How big should we be defining ‘BIG’? Yes, very big. Bigger than what you might be thinking while reading this. I do not have stats to say where we are today but when looked at the volumes we crawl or mine the web, parse data and process it, its hard to not count us in the top 5 in Asia-Pacific region. Not just we say this, but our clients do.

We restarted ourselves. Automation & Crawling can do magic. Couple of POCs in house boosted us. Bagged few more clients and then it happened to meet Yeshashree. Few more demos and POCs to prospectives finally landed us to serve KPMG. The thirst to grow a little more has yielded something to behold.

With 80 member strong team in Web Crawling & Process Automation there is lot more to do until we are there… BIG.


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