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Entrepreneurial journeys and the stories

Never been employed so far.

This decade long journey till now; post my academics is being spent building teams and organisations. Headrun and Idntyti are two organisations am with. The whole journey was interesting with ups and downs. Witnessed both success and failures. While building, had an opportunity to meet, pitch and work with hundreds of clients and thousands of people. Collaborated with MNCs, partnered with Start-ups, designed sales funnel, ran behind the P&L statements, recruited, coded, built teams and been there as an Entrepreneur.

There are many factors which can make you success or result a disaster. The ones that I came through or learnt will share here which might help one of you in a way it is meant to be. There are thousands of books available and a mentor takes birth everyday but still I feel the one who is already with dirty hands can teach you more. And for the same reason am here.

My objective is simple. Build and longevity. Just doing a POC and make money by selling it is not my way. If you’re such, hope all my blogposts may be two grains in a heap. All the methodologies here do encourage longevity. Entrepreneurship is fun only if you want to live it else someone always calls you to wind up. That call can be from your friends/ relations/ high paid jobs/ P&L statement. Beyond all these lies the heart of an entrepreneur which is more rigid and can withstand for years to come. To that heart I always salute and invite.

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